Tyler Burge, “content Preservation” In The Philosophical Review

2019-08-24  · ’Goldberg’s book is an important contribution to philosophy of language and mind, as well as epistemology. For anyone who is, or aspires to be, a serious participant in the epistemology of testimony it is a ‘must study’.’ Source: Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Reflections and Replies: Essays on the Philosophy of Tyler Burge. Erin Eaker. Reflections and Replies: Essays on the Philosophy of Tyler Burge MIT Press. xxx, 504. US $45.00 This volume of essays and replies focuses mainly on that part of Burge’s work known as ‘anti-individualism.’

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Tyler Burge presents a substantial, original study of what it is for individuals to represent the physical world with the most primitive sort of objectivity. By reflecting on the science of perception and related psychological and biological sciences, he gives an account of constitutive conditions for perceiving the physical world, and thus.

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philosophy of mind has been at the centre of philosophy, but it flourishes now as it has never done before. This new title in the Routledge’s Major Works series, Critical Concepts in Philosophy, meets the need for an authoritative reference work to make sense of the subject’s enormous literature and the continuing explosion in research output.

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Tyler Burge has produced groundbreaking work on the semantics of proper names and indexicals, de re belief, formal truth theories, semantic and epistemic paradoxes, the philosophy of Gottlob Frege, and other areas of the philosophy of language and of mind. But he is best known for his arguments for anti-individualism, or externalism about.

Tyler Burge is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of California at Los Angeles. He has published papers in the philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, metaphysics, and the history of philosophy. Search for more papers by this author

Tyler Burge, Jack Meiland, and John Perry. I am also grateful to Fr. Gedeon Gal for helpful correspondence and for calling a passage from Adam Wodeham to my attention. Part of this work was financed by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. 2 Ockham uses this phrase in his Commentary to the Perihermenias, ch. 1 N (edited

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2019-11-09  · ’Foundations of Mind’ brings together a set of essays which established Tyler Burge as one of the foremost contributors to philosophical research on mind and knowledge. The volume presents 19 essays published between 1975 and 2003, including his.

Tyler Burge is an American philosopher whose body of work spans several areas of theoretical philosophy in the analytic tradition. While Burge has made important contributions to the philosophy of language and logic, he is most renowned for his work in philosophy of mind and epistemology.

I have wide interests in philosophy. Much of my recent work has focused on questions at the intersection of philosophy of mind/psychology and language/linguistics. But I am now about to start an SSHRC supported project entitled “The Epistemology of Social Prejudice,” which I hope will result in a book manuscript over the next couple of years.