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Okay. I’m a php newbie. I have a form where the user enters their name. I then on the next form I want it to access the database and add 1 to the row named ‘number’ that matches the persons name that.

hey guys so this piece of coding is simple and straight forward but theres something wrong with it and its bugging me out because i can’t figure out what the problem.

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I have two tables in my db. One table contains portfolio images with a primay key set to AI. The other table contains all of the thumbnails that need to be associated with each portfolio image with no.

I am displaying a value in directory.php page and then i want to display the result when clicked on the detail hyperlink , specific record to be shown in the directorydetail.php , but it is not.

<html> <head> </head> <body> <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> function add() { <?php extract($_POST); if(category[0].checked) $query = "INSERT.

I’m trying to set a database for a shopping cart. Here is some of the code: CREATE TABLE `tbl_cart` ( `ct_id` INT( 10 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , `pd_id` INT( 10 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT.

Guys, right now I’m developing a web traffic analysis coding. So, the problem is that my php syntax can’t read the browser type and version (i.e Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla/5). It only displayed.

Now I have my member Logged in, now After he logs in he is taken to his profile, now I want to Show his Full name and Email. knowing that I already created a database and everything. here is the.

mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C:xampphtdocsminterface.php on line 45.

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I have a collapsible panel there that whenever it’s clicked it shows a form where you add a question, answer and ID. the first form is for a file on my server called questions.htm the index.htm file.

I am familiar with PHP and MySQL and teaching myself how to create a login script, I am not sure if I am simple missing something or something is worong with the code. I am able to signup a user and.

Im failing to see why this record wont update.. $sql = "UPDATE tbl_sellers SET propertytype = ‘$propertytype’, propertyaddress = ‘$propertyaddress’, propadd2.

hi guys i’m creating my own website and i want to let users register and for them to be able to let them take a quiz. I have created this sql code CREATE DATABASE `dyscaculia` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET.

I have two delete function and would like to make this as one. So I can use this on my webpage. But not sure how? Anyone willing to help me 😀 DELETE FROM test WHERE.

I’m not great with PHP and the guy I normally work with who does know a thing or too about it is on holiday. Currently, I’m having problems using a contact form.

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I have this code for checking the username and ticket availability but something doesnt work well if someone can tell me whats the problem, this error shows me if i.

$search = $_GET[‘search’]; echo $search; ?> <div align="center"> <div style="width:700px;text-align:left;padding-top:5px;"> <?php if (isset($confirmation)) { echo.