Bursaries For Social Sciences

The National Department of Tourism invites applications for bursaries from unemployed South African under graduate andpost graduate students for the 2013 academic year in the following fields of study: Econometrics Economics International Tourism Relations Political Studies Social Science.

02.01.2020  · The Faculty of Social Sciences offer course-specific scholarship, funding and bursary opportunities. Many opportunities are available thanks to the generosity of former UEA students (our alumni) and friends of UEA who have donated to The Difference Campaign

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Humanities and Social Sciences (NIHSS) Bursary : The National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIHSS) in association with the South African Humanities Deans’ Association (SAHUDA): Call for Applications – PhD/Doctoral Scholarships.

ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT BURSARY 2018-2019. The National Department of Social Development (NDSD) is a government entity that is giving talented student and those in needy the opportunity to finish off their studies in fields aligned to the department’s line of work.

Scholarships for graduate students undertaking research either in health, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences or humanities. International Development Research Centre. Awards for Canadians, permanent residents of Canada and citizens of developing countries pursuing their doctoral studies at a Canadian university.

BURSARIES & SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SOCIAL WORK in South Africa. By Samuel. The National Department of Social Development is offering scholarships to the needy and deserving students of South Africa. Applications are invited from students who are pursuing or interested in enrolling for a Social.

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Social Security Commission Namibia Bursaries. Since 2009, the SSC-DF has been providing bursaries to academically deserving Namibians from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds who are.

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List of Bursaries in Namibia 2017 – 2020 – 2021 Bank of Namibia Bursaries University of Namibia Bursaries Rossing Bursaries Social Security Commission Namib Nafacts.com 2019 Admissions, Jobs and Recruitment in Namibia

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Humanities and Social Sciences bursaries Multi. The bursary was created to support students in need who are enrolled in programs relating to social services and social sciences at Douglas College with preference given to students of Aboriginal, Asian or South Asian descent.