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Erick Langer, Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service, Faculty Member. Studies Foreign Service.

S.J. Langer, School of Visual Arts, New York, Art Therapy Department, Faculty Member. Studies Psychotherapy and Counseling, Theories of Gender and Transgender, and Transgender Studies.

22 To quote a study published by a group affiliated with the Israel Academia Monitor:.The opinions and claims of Israel academics against Jews, Zionism and Israel are discussed and analyzed in this.

May 17, 2019  · by Post-ac Career Coach Jessica Langer Academia is a climate of constant and unrelenting criticism. This is obvious in a professional sense: our work is often called “criticism” as a catch-all, and in the process of building upon our field. Continue reading →

The state of mindfulness by definition encompasses a state of self-acceptance, as the focus of mindful atten- tion is on acceptance of and exploration of present experience rather than on self-evaluation and self-criticism. This article will explore mindfulness theory as it may be applied to issues of self-acceptance.

by L. Langer We have developed a reliable lithographic method to pattern thin gold films by locally exposing a thin layer of an electron beam resist with the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope (STM).

Healthy self-criticism is a tool for self-improvement and NOT self-punishment. It will help you to recognize your mistakes, to learn from them, to understand what led you to unwanted results, but also help you to change your behavior and achieve better results in the future.

First, I am concerned with a detailed and systematic critique of Susanne Langer’s philosophy of art, Langer’s two seminal works, Philosophy in a New Key and Feeling and Form having influenced an entire generation of American humanists. Embedded in this examination of Langer, however, is an argument of even deeper import.

22 To quote a study published by a group affiliated with the Israel Academia Monitor:.The opinions and claims of Israel academics against Jews, Zionism and Israel are discussed and analyzed in this.

Based on a definition of mindfulness as actively noticing novelty (Langer, 1989; Langer, Blank, & Chanowitz, 1978), the present study sought to examine whether mindfulness training (attention to sensation variability) resulted in better childbirth outcomes for both mother and infant.

In Study 2, we are currently collecting data using this modified IGT in 100 self-injurers to further examine the relationship between self-criticism, decision-making, and NSSI. We expect self-criticism to mediate the association between NSSI frequency/severity and impulsivity in the context of critical feedback.

Vijay Langer, Army Hospital Research and Referral, New Delhi, India, Dept of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Faculty Member. Studies Diabetes Mellitus and Its Complications, Wound Healing, and Cleft Lip and Palate.

We review our recent work on the Schur transformation for scalar generalized Schur and Nevanlinna functions. The Schur transformation is defined for these classes of functions in several situations, and it is used to solve corresponding basic interpolation problems and problems of factorization of rational J-unitary matrix functions into elementary factors.

Johnni Langer, UFPB – Universidade Federal da Paraiba, Departamento de Ciências das Religiões Department, Adjunct. Studies Old Norse Literature, Mythology (Old Norse Literature), and Medieval Scandinavia. Graduate , master’s and PhD at History

(Robert Langer (M.A. Islamic Studies and Cultural Anthropology Univ. of Heidelberg 2000) is specialised in religious history and ethnography of the Muslim World. He received his Dr. phil. (2004) and his Habilitation with a venia legendi for “Islamwissenschaft” (2016) from the Philosophical Faculty of the Univ. of Heidelberg.

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Monika Langer attributes this lack of ethics-specific criticism to the overshadowing of The Ethics of Ambiguity by Beauvoir’s more popular The Second Sex, Beauvoir’s devaluation of her own philosophical ability, and, most significantly, to the patriarchal nature of the philosophical canon.2 To these possible reasons we may add the common conception of Beauvoir as merely Sartre’s disciple.

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Langer told me that she chose San Miguel for her new counterclockwise study primarily because the town had made “an offer I couldn’t refuse.” A group of local businesspeople, convinced of the value of having Langer’s name attached to San Miguel, arranged for lodging to be made available free to Langer.

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According to David Priestland, the concept of "criticism and self-criticism" originated during the 1921–1924 purges of academia within the Soviet Union. This would eventually develop into the practise of "criticism and self-criticism" campaigns in which intellectuals suspected of possessing counter-revolutionary tendencies were publicly.

Syllabus for a course on leading ideas about the nature of social and political life (and the impact of those ideas on individual selves). The course introduces students to major individuals and philosophical and religious traditions, ranging from Plato and Hinduism to modern figures like Lenin and Gandhi.